Lippincott Family Tree

I was given a copy of the Lippincott Family Tree constructed and published by Charles Lippincott of Cinnaminson, Burlington Co., NJ in 1880 by my cousin John Mason. It was in poor shape and I had it conserved. They did the best they could with the copy but it still came out missing considerable areas.

Reaserch led me to the Library Of Congress and I was able to purchase a scan of the copy they possess.

It is a huge file, a tif of 12,500 x 21,872 pixels totaling 801MB. This makes it impractical to share on Facebook. Even reduced in size by 50%, (largest reduction where the type is still readable), it is a large file.

This webpage is intended to show you the entire Tree as well as cropped areas of interest.

If anyone is interested in the original scan, contact me and I will arrange for you to download it.

Clicking on any image will open a larger copy.
You may have to click on that copy to enlarge to full size.


First up is the escutcheon located in the middle of the trunk of the tree. Basically it is a short history of the original Lippincotts in America, Richard and Abigail, "who removed from Devonshire, England in 1639 and settled at Boston, New England."

Coat of Arms

Next up is the Lippincott Coat of Arms.

The Motto for the Lippincott Coat of Arms is "Secundis dubiisque rectus", which means "Upright both in prosperity and in perils".


Next are the two boxes of explanations at the base of the tree. Our Branch of the tree, descended from Restore Lippincott, is highlighted in Yellow in the first box.

Lippincott Family Tree

Last is the entire tree as scanned by the Library of Congress. It has been reduced by 50 per cent but is still clearly legible.

Each generation is a different color leaf.

I have added a red arrow pointing to the leaf of Alfred P. Lippincott, father -in-law of Earl Mason, my grandfather. He is the youngest of our ancestors that show on the Tree.

This is a large file.
Please be patient as it loads, especially with slow data connections.

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